Natalie and Gord // Richmond Hill Private Ceremony

A 48 Hour Wedding

This was perhaps the most special and important occasion that I've ever had the pleasure of capturing. Although the circumstances were far from ideal, Natalie and Gord's wedding day was full of meaningful moments that will be remembered for years to come.

It all started off on a Tuesday afternoon on the last day of January. Another photographer in the Toronto community reached out to see if anyone was available to cover a wedding the following day due to a special medical emergency. Of course, since my schedule is flexible and the location was very close to home, I volunteered. It only took about an hour before all the details were confirmed. Her sister-in-law, Alana, explained the situation to me and I was so saddened to hear that Natalie's dad, Tony, was in palliative care and would only have a short while to be here with his family. As such, Natalie and Gord had decided to get married within 48 hours. And so with that, her family and friends came together to make this beautiful occasion happen.


A Big Thank You from the Bride and Groom

In addition to their families, Natalie and Gord asked me to use this opportunity to thank a handful of people who made the day possible:

Alana was the ultimate wedding planner, decorator, hair and makeup artist, best buddy, and to-dream-for sister-in-law anyone could ever ask for. Natalie asked me to give a huge THANK YOU to her for making the day possible.

Natalie’s girlfriends who rallied up to cover the photography costs: Callie, Jill, Andrea, Melissa, Noelle, Aleesha, Kari, Naomi, Courtney and Mama Spearing. Natalie says, “with all these beautiful women with all their love and support is what got us through the tough times.”

As well as Mackenzie Health Hospital and the wonderful staff who helped in every way they could to make the day so special for Tony and the entire family.


The Details

The details of the day couldn’t have been more perfectly selected:

Dress, veil, and hair piece: Purchased at a consignment store in Whitby called Play it Again Val
Decor, Hair, and Makeup: Sister-in-law, Alana
Natalie’s ring: The diamond was from Gord’s grandmother, Gladys MacDonald’s engagement ring. It was designed by Rudi Peet in Canmore, Alberta
Flowers: Van Belle in Whitby, Ontario
Pastor: Doug Nieuwstraten
Location: Mackenzie Health Palliative Care Unit and Chapel, Richmond Hill, Ontario
Portrait location: Mill Pond Park, Richmond Hill, Ontario


An Update About Tony

It is with great sadness that I must add news that Tony passed away within a few short weeks of the wedding. He was a loving husband, father, and grandfather. I remember so clearly the big smile and wave he gave Gord when he entered the chapel with Natalie. After seven years of watching the couple’s love grow for each other, it was no secret as to why he was so excited to be part of their special day. His love for them and his entire family was abundantly evident. Visit his obituary page here.


A Beautiful Memory

Natalie and I chatted recently about the day and she said, “It was so amazing. It was weird because it was so much more than months of planning a wedding.” Even though time wasn’t on their side, Natalie said, “it was perfect.” And do I ever agree!!

Normally at this point in a blog post I would recount the events of the day and how they unfolded... But if I did that I’d be a teary mess by the end. So instead, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.