Sheri and Corey // Beautiful Barrie Wedding



What can I say about Sheri and Corey? Well, for starters, they are the MOST laid back couple we have ever had the privilege of working with! So chill and fun and down-to-earth. Our connection with them is through our sister-in-law Sabrina, who is Sheri's sister. However! We also have another connection with Sheri and that is that Rob and Sheri worked at Burger King together in high school! It was neat to hear stories about "back in the day" and for us to be able to relate to all the speeches and jokes!

One thing must be said about the beautiful bride, Sheri, who is known as a bit of a tom-boy. She's one of those gorgeous gals that totally downplays how stunning she is. You can never catch her in a dress, and the mother-of-the-groom and Sheri's sister both told me that they'd never seen the couple kiss until their engagement shoot photos went up. So to say the least, she is modest and non-PDA (we get that and think it is totally awesome). But when she showed up in that dress, all done up, she had all the jaws dropping. So stunning. Okay I'll stop being mushy but like, Corey, dude - you got yourself a catch!!!



As previously mentioned, this couple is down-to-earth as can be! All day long they were giving high fives and telling jokes. It couldn't have been more fun. I (Katie) shot this wedding at 9 months pregnant and while I thought it would be a disaster shooting a hot summer wedding on a ski hill, I really did enjoy myself! Rob really did take the lead on this one and he was a rock-star (thanks Rob)!

The wedding was at one location which made things easy: Snow Valley Resort. In the summer Snow Valley is a beautiful venue for weddings and does all the decorations and catering in-house. The staff were helpful and the facility was lovely. Sheri and Corey did a first-look which was totally adorable and then tied the knot at the bottom of the ski hill. There were a couple of hours of freezies, drinks, and plenty of fun and games outside. To wrap up the day, their reception was filled with great food, laughter, and dancing. My favourite part about their reception was the CHOCOLATE CAKE. This was no ordinary cake... not like, a cake with chocolate batter, but rather, a cake made of milk chocolate that they cracked open! As a pregnant woman with cravings, I couldn't have enjoyed it more (thanks guys for satisfying my chocolate needs)! If that wasn't enough there was also a cake bar (insert drooling face here).

But seriously! Aside from the cake, this day was awesome. A huuuuuggge congrats to the lovely couple on their marriage. I heard many times throughout the day that they had "finally" tied the knot (after many years of being together) and that it really was meant to be. We certainly agree with that! High fives all around! Thanks for inviting us to be part of your big day.



Venue & Catering: Snow Valley Resort

Cake (made of chocolate!!): Chelsea Chocolates in Craighurst

Dress: Revival Bridal in Woodbridge

Hair and Makeup: Sabrina Alcock

Her Ring: Olivia Ewing

His Ring: Jeff Walters Jewelers, Barrie

Officiant: Julie Rose

DJ & Photobooth: Keep them Dancing / Keep them Smiling

Flowers: Kristin Nyborg (MOH)


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