Hannah and Dan // Rustic Ridgetown, Ontario Wedding

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About the Day

Ridgetown, Ontario. Have you ever been? It is a lovely town in the Chatham-Kent region, a short drive from the Lake Erie beaches. That's where Hannah and Dan chose to host their wedding. And we couldn't have loved it more!

The day was spent moving from one adorable, eclectic location to another. Hannah, one of the most organized brides I've ever met, had the day planned out to the T. We were always within 15 minutes of the schedule.

The Morning

The day began at her sweet childhood home where her mother was so carefully arranging all of the flowers for the day. Her was dress hanging peacefully in her old bedroom. By the time Hannah's girls had arrived, she was all dressed up and ready for a reveal on the picture-perfect porch.

The First Look

After a blissful morning, we continued on to their first-look location. Dan was waiting in the tall trees of Mrs. Bonnie Roberts' garden. This is the same garden where Hannah had her graduation photos taken; it holds a special place in her heart. Mrs. Bonnie Roberts is a kind-hearted lady in the community who opens up her lush green property to those who recognize its beauty as the perfect place for photography. And it really was! There were so many little surprises around each bend, which made it a very unique setting. But what made our photos in the garden special was Hannah and Dan and their evident love for one—another. Their first look moment was filled with smiles and love. We had to blink the tears from our eyes in order to capture it!

The Ceremony

At the church, in a packed sanctuary, the duo glistening even more. Some of our favourite photos of the day include Hannah's walk down the isle to Dan, and their vows, when the smiles on their faces were so bright, that the two were practically glowing with love! Everyone in the room will remember not being able to contain their own smiles; a contagious joy which continued throughout the day.

Of course in the country, it is natural that a church would back onto a large corn field—perfect for photos. To top it off was a beautiful antique truck, driven in by Hannah's uncle. We had an antique car at our wedding too, which made this a special touch for us to see. It really was fun to work with!

The Reception

The night wrapped up in the conference facility at the University of Guelph - Ridgetown Campus, where Hannah and her mom had teamed up with a local wedding decorator to create the most beautiful setting. It is always lovely to attend a reception where we genuinely enjoy ourselves, meeting family members, and hearing beautiful heartfelt speeches. Complete with an adorable photo booth, many versions of a guestbook, a childhood slideshow, and a bouquet toss, Hannah and Dan really knocked it out of the park with every aspect of the evening!

All in all, we couldn't have enjoyed capturing this day more. Hannah and Dan, your love for each other is evident and we pray that you will continue to grow in your marriage as you put your trust in the Lord.

Hope you enjoy these photos and cherish them for years to come.

P.S. Their hashtag was #Dannah2016 ! It really doesn't get much cuter than that!

View the online gallery here!