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Meet the Alcocks.

About Katie:

Katie grew up in a family of entrepreneurs in the media world. She's had a camera in her hand as far back as she can remember. Whether it be photography or film and television (her educational focus in university), Katie's creativity flows into everything she does. Her eye for detail and quick thinking ensure that no shot is missed.


Rob is that easy going friend you can count on. Rob began photography in 2006 when he was given his first camera. His love for capturing images ballooned from then on. Throughout his young adult life, he worked for his college, taking pictures for the athletics department, as well as all of the school’s performances and special presentations. His love for taking pictures of live events has found its full potential in wedding photography.

Their [love] Story:

After a spending seven years at school in Saskatchewan, Rob ventured home to Ontario for a year off with family. One sunny Sunday afternoon in September, both Katie and Rob had friends to pick up from the London train station. It was no coincidence, that's for sure. They met there, dated for a year, and were married one year later!

THEIR [Photography] STORY:

We shot our first wedding as a team years back when a family friend noticed that Rob was always posting his travel pictures. We practically volunteered our services, getting paid less than we spent on a brand new lens to add to our collection. Very quickly we realized that we had a knack for wedding photography... And how could we not? It is the most perfect blend of adrenaline, passion, and art all in one love-filled, exciting day! Between Katie's organizational skills, Rob's humour, and their combined passion for photography, rest assured that when choosing Hawthorne Photography Co., you'll not only feel at ease on your big day, but you'll be blown away with the results. Thanks for stopping by! We hope to hear from you soon.


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